Photography is a language, another way to communicate. Between thousands of different languages around the world photography can be universally understood and "spoken". I find the idea that one image can be translated to a thousand different people with thousand different ways extremely fascinating. That forced me towards photography.

As a photographer and Videographer, I do what feels natural to me. I am showing where I have been led and what is catching my attention. I photograph faces, bodies, expressions, movements and stories. Life and emotions is what I love capturing the most.

My commitment to portraiture reflects my love for people. Photography always allowed me to visualize my intentions. It's helping me describe what I see when I keep my eyes shut. Nowadays this medium can be so close to the truth and in the same time so far away from it. Every concept I choose to photograph is an individual exploration of the beauty in every single definition of that word. Anything, even the horrific or the banal can be more than beautiful, sometimes even inspiring.

I am not using my work to "touch" the truth not even to observe it. I guess I enjoy more being on the boundary between fiction and reality. 


Theo Albanis

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